WC WC poster

  • Size: 08x12inch (20x30cm)
  • Material: vinyl
  • Pattern: caricature
  • Removable special characteristic
  • Color: black

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Are you looking for a WC wall poster to complete the decoration of your bathroom? Do not look any further ! Our WC wall poster is the ideal solution to give your bathroom a unique and elegant look. Our WC wall poster is printed on superior quality paper and is available in a variety of designs and images. It is easy to install and cling to your wall easily. It has a special coating that protects it from scratches and stains. The paper is designed to withstand humidity and stains, which makes it perfect for use in a bathroom. It is also resistant to light and will not discolor easily. Our WC wall poster can be personalized to allow you to choose the design and style that will harmonize best with your bathroom. In addition, our printing on paper ensures that the look and quality of the wall poster will remain unchanged for years. In addition, our WC wall poster is economical and can give your bathroom a brand new look for a reasonable price. You can be sure that your bathroom will be updated with a touch of elegance and style thanks to our WC wall poster. So why not get our WC wall poster today?


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