Truming door poster

  • Size: Frame: 12 × 18inch (30 × 45cm)
  • Material: paper, vinyl
  • Pattern: caricature
  • Special characteristic reused
  • Color: Weiß

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Post of Trompe l Oeil

Offer your walls a touch of style and unique decoration with our trompe-l’oeil door poster. Our poster is printed on superior quality paper, which gives it superior shine and resistance. The quality of printing is exceptional, and the poster offers excellent precision of details and colors. The colors are bright and deep, and the poster is designed to withstand stripes and detachments. The images are printed with non -toxic water -based inks, making it a safe and safe product for the environment. The poster is delivered in a solid cardboard tube, to protect the product and keep it in perfect condition. Our trompe-l’oeil door poster is the perfect touch to give a final touch to your interior space. It is ideal for the walls of your home, your office or your bedroom. Do not hesitate to buy our poster to give a unique touch to your interior decoration.


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