Poster guitar chords

  • Size: Frame: 12 × 18inch (30 × 45cm)
  • Material: paper
  • Pattern: caricature
  • Special characteristic reused
  • Color: Multicolor

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Post guitar agreements

Are you looking for a poster of guitar agreements to inspire you to play? We have the perfect poster for you! Our poster of guitar agreements is printed on superior quality paper and is designed to offer you an infinite source of inspiration. It is large enough to be displayed on your wall and includes more than 200 guitar agreements, as well as symbols and instructions to play them. Each agreement is carefully illustrated with clear and easy to understand diagrams. The diagrams are embellished with bright colors and details to facilitate reading and learning. The poster is also accompanied by a full online guide which explains the different types of chords and their particularities. While you will progress in your learning, this guide will help you make the link between the poster chords and their application to the songs you play. You can also download easy -to -play audio files so you can train with real examples. This poster of guitar chords is perfect for all skill levels and is an excellent addition to any music equipment. As you progress in your learning, this poster will help you play music even more easily. Do not wait any longer, get the post of guitar agreements today!


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