• size: select in customized 32
  • Material: paper
  • Pattern: caricature
  • Special characteristic without frame
  • Color: white, white-cream

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Do you need a poster of bodybuilding exercises? With this poster, you can take your training at a higher level, without having to worry about having to find additional information. It is designed to provide exercises completely suitable for your level, whether you are a experienced beginner or athlete.

This poster includes clear illustrations and detailed instructions for each exercise, as well as a description of good shape and security to be respected. Each exercise is accompanied by information on the number of rehearsals and series, as well as the rest time between the series. This allows you to personalize your training according to your level of physical shape and your goals.

With this poster, you don’t have to worry about having additional information or having to remember the stages of the exercises. It allows you to have effective training, without having to worry about having to seek additional information.

The poster is designed to help beginners learn good techniques and experienced athletes to maximize their training. It is designed to offer you progressive exercises, so you can adjust the level of requirement as your physical condition improves.

For more efficient training, this poster comes with a nutrition and health guide. This guide includes detailed instructions on how to choose healthy and nutritious foods, as well as advice on how to


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