The lion king poster

  • Size: 12x18inch (30x45cm)
  • Material: paper
  • Pattern: caricature
  • Special characteristic without frame
  • Color: UNFRAME-STYLE1.

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The lion king poster

Welcome to the online store of the Lion King! Discover our selection of posters from the Lion King. These posters are printed on high quality premium paper and have a shiny finish that makes them even more beautiful. The posters are available in different sizes and are perfect for decorating your home or your office. Each poster is designed with specific details and vibrant colors that make the scene even more realistic. The posters are printed on superior quality paper which is durable and resistant to wear. You can choose between different scenes from the film, such as the opening, the Baobab scene and the final scene. We also offer posters at different prices, which means that you can find the poster that suits your budget. You can buy posters from the online lion king and we will be happy to deliver them directly to your home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Do not wait any longer and buy your lion king poster today!


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